The steps for the search engine work can be divided into three categories

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Crawling: The contents of the Internet are discovered indexing through crawling:
the content is stored and analyzed in large size databases. 
Display Results: Displays relevant results based on user search.
Crawling: The search engine work begins with crawling. Through crawling, a complete list of websites is created. Spider or robot web page lists titles, pictures, keywords, and other webpage links. However, modern crawlers take the entire webpage in their memory and focus on additional issues such as page layouts, advertisement locations, where links have been used, whether in the article or in the footer, invisible, etc.
The crawler constantly scans the website and automatically updates any changes that occur.
Crawling basically depends on the rate of change of the site, the structure of the robot text file, etc.
indexing crawling, the indexing data stored in the specified database is indexed.
Think, you have made a list of all your books, how many pages of their authors, etc., etc. To make a list of each book you have to read every book that can be called crawling and when you write the list of those books it is indexing.
This data is stored in Google's huge data center. Thousands of metadata is stored where

This is the latest step in search engine search results. Reserved results show relevant results according to the user's search terms. This step of the search engine is extremely complex but the most important for web developers or search engine users. 

Developing differences between two search engines and showing results. Each search engine has a different algorithm for the ranking, which keeps every search engine hidden. 
Google's algorithm is complicated from other search engines. Google has ranked about 200 sites considering a topic above.

How do search engines work?

Most search engines build associate degree index supported crawl, that is that the method through that engines like Google, Yahoo et al. realize new pages to index. Mechanisms referred to as bots or spiders crawl the net searching for new pages (1). The bots generally begin with a listing of web site URLs determined from previous crawls. after they detect new links on these pages, through tags like HREF and SRC, they add these to the list of web sites to index. Then, search engines use their algorithms to supply you with a stratified list from their index of what pages you must be most fascinated by supported the search terms you used.

Then, the engine can come a listing of internet results stratified victimization its specific algorithmic rule. On Google, alternative components like personalized and universal results can also modify your page ranking. In personalized results, the computer program utilizes extra info it is aware of concerning the user to some results that are directly catered to their interests. Universal search results mix video, pictures and Google news to make a much bigger image result, which may mean larger competition from alternative websites for constant keywords.

Here are the highest components to edit once coming up with your store for SEO:

Architecture - build websites that search engines will crawl simply. This includes many components, like however the content is organized and classified and the way individual websites link to at least one another. associate degree XML sitemap will enable you to offer a listing of URLs to look engines for crawl and categorization. (2)

Content - nice content is one of the foremost necessary components for SEO as a result of it tells search engines that your web site has relevancy. This goes on the far side simply keywords to writing partaking content your customers are going to be fascinated by on a frequent basis.

Links - once loads of individuals link to a definite web site, that alerts search engines that this explicit web site is associate degree authority, that makes its rank increase. This includes links from social media sources. once your web site links to alternative good platforms, search engines are a lot of seemingly to rate your content as quality conjointly.

Keywords- The keywords you utilize ar one amongst the first ways search engines use to rank you. victimization fastidiously elite keywords will facilitate the proper customers to realize you. If you run a jewelry store however ne'er mention the word "jewelry," "necklace," or "bracelet," Google's algorithmic rule might not think about you associate degree knowledgeable on the subject.

Title descriptions - whereas it should not show au courant the web site, search engines do listen to the title tag in your site's HTML code, the words between < title > < /title >, as a result of it seemingly describes what the web site is concerning, just like the title of a book or a headline.

Page content - do not bury necessary info within Flash and media components like video. Search engines cannot see pictures and video or crawl through content in Flash and Java plugins.

Internal links - as well as internal links, helps search engines crawl your web site a lot of effects, however conjointly boosts what several SEO professionals check with as "link juice." In alternative words, it's a constant good thing about any link to your site: It demonstrates the worth of your content.

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