how to start blogging and make money

What is blogging? how to start blogging and make money Even today many people do not know what is blogging and those who know about it do not know how to start blogging? There was a time when internet access was very difficult for us and barely 5% of the people in India could use internet only. But after the arrival of Jio network, almost most of the Bangladeshi people are able to access the internet.
What is the most searched term with the Internet is "How to make money online" and online blogging is the best way to earn money. Since people have come to know that we can make money from blogging, more and more people are joining it, but some people still do not know about it, then this post is for them.  

So let's know what is blogging so you can start blogging.

What is blogging?

To help millions of people solve their problems every day, they get help to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to get information. The purpose of these search engines is to show related results to the keywords that people search for.
But do you know where these results come from?

what is blogging
Links to this result shown in Google and other search engines, which are called blog posts. The publication that publishes these blog posts in your blog is called Blogger. Blogging is the whole process of earning money by putting a blog post on your blog.
- Blogging can be done by any and any age group, whether you are 15 or 50 years old.
You can select a topic according to your passion and create a blog on it. Example: Technology, fashion, Sports, Lifestyle etc, you can create a blog.
- Many people understand that you need to come to the English language for blogging, but according to me, blogging should only be your passion to write. You are comfortable in the language (Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu etc) and want to write. You can produce your own blog in this language.
By sharing information through blogging, you can help people and make money in return. That is the advantage of both the Blogger and the Reader.

Blogging Keys:

→ Blogging increases your knowledge. We create blogs to share our knowledge with others, soon whatever topic we post, we have to do a lot of research related to it, so that we can give our readers genuine and 100% correct information. can do. During this research, you get lots of information so that your knowledge grows.
→ Helps in improving your writing and communication skills. Initially, your writing may not be so good, but I can tell from my experience, as you write articles, you're wringing will also improve.
→ Through Blogging, you can express your thoughts and ideas and it separates you from other people. As you will become successful blogger, people would like to go to what is your view on a topic?
→ If you want to be famous, you should just do blogging. Because as soon as you blogging for a long time, you will create a quality blog, people are also eager to know about you and this makes you a popular face.
→ If you are sitting at home earning good money by working only 3-4 hours, then what more do you want! If you do not want 9 to 5 jobs or want to remain dependent on someone, then blogging is your first choice.
Now you may have thought a little bit about blogging, but this is the biggest question, how do you start blogging?

How To Start Blogging?

If your writing is a passion and you want to earn money by following it, then blogging is a great option for you. There are different platforms for blogging through which you can start blogging. But to become a proper blogger, follow the guide to get what you need to pay attention to and where to start.      
Self-hosted WordPress is the best platform for blogging. For this, initially, you have to invest some money for domain and hosting.
But I would recommend you create a blog on and learn how to post here, how SEO is done, how keyword research is done, when you learn all this, then you migrate to WordPress.
You can create a free blog on Blogger or create a blog with a custom domain.

Blogging is a must to learn this
 You need to learn these things to become a  successful blogger. The more days you go to blogging, you will learn more and become better.
You should come to write a good article/blog post. "Content is that the King" in Blogging, thus writing the most effective content is vital.
- You must learn SEO in which you must know keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO.  
- How is blog set up, how is template customized?  
- How to get traffic on the blog, how to rank your blog in a search engine?

Important Blogging Tips

- Always focus your blog on a single niche. Most blogging on multiple niches (Ex: Technology, Health tips, Motivation in one Blog), so they are never so successful  
- Initially, focus more on low competitive keywords and write a post on the same. This will rank your blog in the search engine soon.  
- New bloggers tend to face the most problem for Adsense approval. So before reading the post on your blog, read the full Adsense programme policy.  
Never use Black hat SEO techniques, if you are thinking of a long term blog, then it can do your blog ko search engine blacklist.

How to do Conclusion Blogging:

If you are thinking of blogging then start your own blog today, just follow the process I have mentioned above and make your blog and share your knowledge as well as earn money from there. 
Starting without blogging, you can not learn by just reading the post or watching the video, the more you will experience it, the less you will learn from this soon. I hope this post is " how to start blogging " will be helpful for you and will help you to learn about blogging.

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