The Samsung Galaxy A60 is leaked massively, and promises to be a giant 6.7 inches and 8 GB of RAM

Samsung has already launched the renewal of its second-row phones, which are in the ranks of its catalog just behind the models of the S line and the Note line. Those corresponding to his family A, which are being released by dropper but have already taken the step that was expected from their first leaks. The numbering is now double, as can be seen in the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30, and Galaxy A50.
Within these models, it seems that now disappeared categories will be included, such as the Galaxy J, but we will also find models that match the generations that have passed. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy A60, which must become one of the strong models of its line and that has been almost completely filtered. Looking, in passing, a large diagonal screen.

This would be the Samsung Galaxy A60

Galaxy A60

Account this massive filtration of the Samsung Galaxy A60 that the phone would land with a Super AMOLED screen of nothing more and nothing less than 6.7 inches. A screen with FullHD + resolution and that would have a 'notch' in the form of a drop of water, or almost. Specifically, one of the panels that Samsung calls Infinity-U. The screen would also include the fingerprint reader.
For the processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 is expected, one of the last chips of the Americans and that carries the Redmi Note 7 Pro already presented and that should be part of its competition. As for the memories, this Galaxy A60 must land on two options of RAM and one of internal storage, giving rise to two models: 6GB / 128GB and 8GB /128GB.
The cameras have also been filtered, to leave nothing to the imagination. In the Galaxy, A60 would arrive three rear cameras of 32 megapixels, 6 megapixels and 8 megapixels (wide angle), in addition to 32 megapixels for the front sensor, which would be placed on the notch of which we speak in the section of the screen.
The Galaxy A60 aims to be a great competitor in the middle line
This Samsung Galaxy A60 would also come with a considerable internal battery of 4,500 mAh, apparently with fast loading due to the processor but the data has not transcended. The body would be the crystal, so the possibility of wireless charging would also be present, given the level of the rest of the phone's components.

The filtered specifications

6.7 inches 
FullHD + 
Fingerprint Reader
Snapdragon 675
6GB / 128GB 
8GB / 128GB
13 megapixels 
8 megapixels Wide Angle 
5 megapixels
32 megapixels
4000 mAh
April 2019
The arrival date of this Galaxy A60 is expected, according to the filtration itself, for the month of April of this 2019. The logical thing is that we have more leaks as the date approaches, but the truth is that there is little to tell about it. Maybe the official renders or the starting price will appear, we'll see.

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