If the user is not bothered by the user's interest, then the user leaves the site when the user becomes annoyed

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6 reasons to leave the user website

A. Mobile Friendly
The number of searches increased by the number of mobile phones rising by the bounce rate. If the site is not mobile friendly then after returning to Google search after entering the site from a user search. So the bounce rate increases. So make the site mobile friendly to reduce the bounce rate. Mobile-friendly on font size, hyperlink, pages.
Impact Headline Impact: 
Increasing the amount of traffic on high bounce rates and social shares decreasing the amount of traffic, but the non-proliferation (if there is no adjustment of the title with the content of the original), the bounce rate of the site will increase. The traffic on the site will not be construed and the number of visitors will be reduced. The shares will be reduced in the local network.
3. Extra
Popups If there is an additional number of pop-ups on your home page, it may cause user irritability. Email signup pop-ups can be used, but it should have a close button in the corner. Think of yourself as a user, after entering the information for any site, if it is advertised from all over the popup ads, it will be naturally annoying.
4. Uninterrupted and irregular article
effect: The site will reduce the time of the article, the article must be packed and information will be rich. Keep in mind that information-rich article traffic will help keep traffic in the long run.
5. Relative Softness
Effect: The Conversion Rate will reduce 
most traffic sites leaving the site before loading. The page speed is very important for the website. 40 percent of users do not enter the loaded site with more than 3 seconds. And if the site slows down, the site may lose Google ranking. For website load time or website speed, read: How to increase website speed
Impact of weak images: Reduces visitors' relevance, and decreases referral traffic
Think of some good books, which are good to read. Good pictures are available to get good books attached. The same applies to the website. Beautifully embedded, pictures placed in the right place attract the attention of users. Helps return to the website frequently.
The website has direct links to SEO or search engine marketing with the above topics. Websites that are not well-liked by the user is not convenient for SEO. So for the most convenience of SEO, the importance of the subject matter above the site design.

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