How to Do Dropshipping on Shopify

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That is, list the products you want to sell and when you drop sales, you order directly with your dropshipping provider so that he will subsequently be responsible for sending the product directly to your customer.
In the end, your supplier sells your product, the customer gets your product and you keep a part of the sale without touching the product.
This business model is very simple and straight to the point which makes it excellent for anyone who wants to generate extra income on the internet.
You can literally start this business right now because it does not require you to invest a single penny in inventory and not wait so long for your products to arrive from China.
The objective is simple and direct.
We will sell our products in our own store to millions of people with specific interests through Facebook ads.
Very simple, right?
That's why in this post I'll tell you exactly how to do drop shipping in Shopify in this 2019.
What you will learn in this tutorial on how to make money with drop shipping in Shopify:
  • How to find the best niche for your dropshipping store.
  • What are the tools you need for your dropshipping store?
  • Where to find the best dropshipping suppliers.
  • How to quickly reach your ideal client.
  • How to scale your dropshipping business.
Before you start, remember that I can give you all the strategies I've had and why I have to succeed but I can not force you to take action.
It depends on you.
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So do me a favor and put into practice all the concepts that I give you throughout this post.
I recommend you to put it as a favorite so that later you have access quickly in case you have a query.

Tools you need to start your dropshipping business.

These are the tools that I recommend to start and make money with dropshipping and that will allow us to automate the process 99.99% making you a passive income.
The tool for creating your dropshipping shop par excellence.
There are many advantages to selling with your own online store.
With your own online store, you have absolute control of what you sell, how you sell it, and to whom you sell it.
You no longer have to spend hours setting up your own store, installing your plugins and all those messes that entails making your own store.
With Shopify, you finish it in a few hours and the support is excellent, so it does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced to create your own store.
With Shopify that happens in the background.
We need to publish at least 20 items in your store because if you have fewer items, your store may look empty and you will be taking away the opportunity to your customers to buy other products in the same niche.
More than an aliexpress tool is the site where you will look for products and suppliers to do dropshipping .
Many products that are sold now in Shopify come directly from Aliexpress.
The following tool that I am going to mention makes aliexpress perfect since you can quickly import products into your own dropshipping store.
Oberlo is a great tool that will save you time when you make your list in your Shopify store since you can import the products directly from aliexpress.
Just choose the products you want to sell and click on the chrome extension icon and you're done.
You already have that article with images and descriptions in your own shopify store.
As simple as that.
Oberlo also allows you to manage and control the orders that you have to make the process almost automatic.
This tool itself can save you hours of work that you would do if you published your products manually.
The essential e-commerce program for dropshipping and a key piece for your business.
All the products that we publish in our Shopify store must be included in this program.
What is epacket?
Epacket is an agreement between USPS (us postal service) and hong kong post to increase electronic commerce between both countries.
It allows consumers faster shipping from China to the United States and also very cheap (or free) costs.
We as drop shippers will make sure to choose products that are eligible with this fabulous program that gives us many opportunities.
All our products must have this shipping service.
This model would not work at all if it were not for epacket because it is useless to buy a cheap product in China if you are going to pay a fortune for the shipments.
The good thing that we are going to take advantage of this system to reduce our shipping costs and times and have our customers happy.
A Facebook page from our store to create our ads.
The days to wait for your store ranch are ending.
Google takes approximately 3 months to identify or rank a new website.
We can not wait 3 months to earn money or validate if our products are going to sell or not.
That's why Facebook ads will allow us to reach our target market quickly.
In this way we will know which product is selling and which is not, to make the necessary changes and optimize our ads to increase sales.
A PayPal account to receive payments.
I recommend PayPal to increase the possibilities of sales because people trust a lot in PayPal.
Especially the Americans, when they see the PayPal logo gives them the feeling of confidence.
Paypal offers a feature called express payment where your client only enters their email and password and the payment is made immediately.
Creating a Paypal account is the easiest thing in the world. Open it here if you do not have one yet.
Now that we know what we are going to do and the tools it is time to start.

Step 1: Find and choose a niche for your dropshipping store.

We are not going to sell everything to everyone. We need to be in a specific niche and then expand.
- Alan, but I want to reach more people with my products.
I know, but this will only happen when you have validated your product and your specific niche.
And when the validation stage is over? When you start generating sales.
From there you can add more products and start exploring other niches, but only when you have succeeded.
Think of it like this, Facebook was originally made for university students to communicate with each other.
Little by little, it was expanding to become the largest social network in the world.
We will take the same approach.
Therefore, focus on a specific niche .
What do I mean with a specific niche?
Here are some examples:
  • T-shirts for single mothers.
  • Clothes for pregnant women.
  • Accessories for dog owners of the Chihuahua breed.
  • Accessories for single parents with daughters.
  • Proud owners of cats.
  • T-shirts and accessories with legends for nurses ...
  • T-shirts or accessories for proud firefighters.
The examples above show you a target market and your interests.
Choosing a market with specific interests will help make our Facebook ads more targeted and reach your right market without spending a lot of money on ads.
If you target a very large market you will be shooting in the dark and spending a lot of money without getting anywhere.
So we kill two birds with one shot.
On the one hand, you reach the people most likely to buy your product and spend less on ads because you only sell to people more susceptible to the purchase.
If you have a question, I leave this video where an intuitive young man saw an opportunity in a specific niche (followers and supporter of trump) and adjusted an attractive offer (shirts and caps that change color,: D).
We are going to do the same but with our own online store. We are going to look for a lucrative niche and sell our products to them.
In short, we will adapt our offer to the existing demand in a niche and not vice versa.
By this, I mean that it does not matter if you have a passion for a particular topic or niche.
If that niche is not very profitable, it does not matter how much you love it. You will not make money.
You have to take a different approach.
Find people who are passionate about a specific topic and sell them.
If you ask me it's a chignon approach and the best part is that it works.
And to all this, what market are we going to sell?
You guessed ...
To the American market.
Do not let this intimidate you. As I told you before, with the previous tools you will make the process almost automatic.
Even customer service.
Language barriers nowadays are non-existent with tools like the google translator.
Also keep in mind that when doing things outside of our comfort zone, the rewards can be very large.

Step 2: Start creating your online store.

When you have your niche installed, the extension of oberlo in chrome and begins to identify your products that have the epacket program in aliexpress to list it to your store in Shopify automatically.
With the tools and applications within the Shopify platform, you can integrate different functionalities easily.
Be sure to choose a theme that looks great for your store. Shopify has themes for different niches some free and others paid.
There are some themes that look great and you can buy them for free on the platform.
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Install the extension of oberlo in chrome and choose your products that have the ePacket shipping program.
Here I tell you how:
When you have the extension installed, we will identify more products in the niche to maximize profits.
If you do not have ideas that other products you can add to your niche, simply let the aliexpress search bar give you more ideas.
dropshipping business,dropshipping companies usa,,dropshipping business for sale,how to set up a dropshipping business
Adding different products in the same niche makes your client take more inventory.
Let's say that the client who bought you yoga pants decides that their socks are already very used or that those in your store are more beautiful, you will discover later that that client who was only for yoga pants ended up buying 2 pairs of socks, 2 blouses, and a new yoga mat.
Sometimes a single client is the one that makes you the full day and the best thing is that you will have your mail so that later you send offers in your store or notifications of new products that you are adding.
If you already bought it once, next time it's easier to sell.

These are the app that you will need in your Shopify shop:

Oberlo .- Import aliexpress products to Shopify with descriptions and images in a few clicks. 
This application will save you hours and hours importing your products manually from AliExpress to your store.
The most important thing is that oberlo allows you to completely automate the entire process from the moment your client orders until you send them to your home.
Remember to add at least 20 products so that your store does not look empty and increase your chances of selling more products to the same customer.
Mailchimp .- Capture emails from your customers to send them notifications of new products and offers.
Abandonment Protector. This application helps you to hook back your customers who have left the shopping cart and sends them messages automatically reminding them of your offer. Super essential.
Boostsales : This app allows you to generate more profitability. Since it shows your customer products related to the one they are about to buy. This way you increase the chances that your client does not take a single item but several.
Boost sales shows you more to buy more.
When you already have at least 20 items in your store, it's time to start sending traffic.
At this point, you should have your Facebook page and your store ready and optimized to receive visitors and this is the moment for which you have been working.

Step 3: How to do the marketing of your store: Attracting customers.

What we want to do then is to look for the interests according to your niche.
Once you're on your Facebook profile, we'll go to a free Facebook tool called Audience Statistics or Audience Insights.
Here I tell you how:
Enter your profile, put the cursor on the white arrow and click on manage ads.
dropshipping business,dropshipping companies usa,,dropshipping business for sale,how to set up a dropshipping business
When you are in the area of announcements click on statistics of the public.
dropshipping business,dropshipping companies usa,,dropshipping business for sale,how to set up a dropshipping business
A great piece of this puzzle is to direct our ads to the audience that is most likely to buy our products.
In the next video, I explain what to do next to find your potential market and direct your ads.
Now what remains is to save our audience and create ads aimed at those specific interests to send traffic to your store.
You can start little by little. About 5 dollars a day to go testing the market and see what ads and what products have more visits and more interest.
Once you know which audience is the most buying, what you want to do is increase your budget to send more traffic similar to your store and increase profitability.
Optimization in facebook ads plays an important role because with the right traffic we can make good money and the process is automatic.
Without worrying about inventory and management of your own products.


There are many advantages to having your own store with Shopify since you have absolute control of your inventory and your audience. With the dropshipping model, we take advantage of the tools available to spend less time in setting up a very decent store and more time looking for customers.
Remember that sales are the oxygen that gives life to your store. You can have the best store in the world with the best products but if you do not have customers your store will die.
That is why we are going to give time to reach the right people in our niche through Facebook ads.
I hope this post has opened your eyes to the possibilities that exist when making your own Dropshipping on Shopify.
Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions about this post. As always I will be updating and adding information according to the questions that are generated.

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