Hummingbird Facts: the new Google 2013 algorithm

Hummingbird facts As has been happening in recent years, Google continues to make changes in the internal structure of its Internet business. Now he "surprises us" with his new algorithm.
hummingbird facts
hummingbird facts

What is the Hummingbird, the new algorithm of Google?

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  • 1 What is the Hummingbird, the new Google algorithm?
    • 1.1 What is the main purpose of the new Google algorithm?
    • 1.2 What impact does Colibri have on SEO?
    • 1.3 Value of the content that you publish
    • 1.4 Do not forget the importance of the Authority
    • 1.5 Conclusion
The latest version of its search algorithm, "Hummingbird" or "Hummingbird" in its translation into Spanish, was announced on September 26, 2013. But only recently was the information disseminated officially to the general public.
This new Google algorithm represents the most important change in the search for ten years. They gave it the name "Hummingbird" because it is accurate and fast, and it is expected to affect 90% of searches.
This new version goes far beyond "Pinguino" and "Panda", because the previous ones were updates, while "Hummingbird" is the algorithm itself.

What is the main purpose of the new Google algorithm?

So that you understand it in a simple way, «Hummingbird» will help to remember the fundamental objective of the Google service. Deliver the best possible results to the users of the search engine.
Until this new version, all this has been achieved through the matching of relevant keywords.
While it is true that this system provides good results, especially for short search terms, the same is not true for more specific terms or "long tail" searches.
According to Google, this was what was missing. "Having an intention search engine available, as well as covering the entire context surrounding the search".
Another aspect that has had a great impact on the "birth" of this new algorithm is the growth that searches have been presenting through mobile devices.
Studies reveal that 50% of people search from their mobile terminals, and this trend will continue to increase, especially as people adapt to voice searches.
Since these will be increasingly conversational, that is, more complex queries will be carried out.

What impact does Colibri have on SEO?

Regarding this question, which is required every time a new update comes, Google responds in simple terms.
Our message to webmasters is the same as always, we encourage you to create original and high quality content, since that is the best for Internet users.

Value of content that you post

The key is always, the content you publish should be useful, focusing more on quality information than on keywords. To achieve this you must take into account the following aspects.
1. Know your target customer :
What are the products and services you are looking for? What questions and answers do you need? From there you can generate a series of high-quality content that meets the needs of your audience.
2. Keywords and phrases focused on useful answers :
What kind of words and key phrases is your target audience using to get the information they need?
Although it may seem complex, obtaining this information is simple. Just have a little creativity and put yourself in the place of your target customer.
For this you can consider the following terms :
  • Educational terms Use words such as: who, what, where, why, how, when and the like.
  • Terms of navigation. Brand of the product, location, name of the company, etc.
  • Transactional terms Purchase, sale, rent, change.
  • Synonyms Use alternative words with the same meaning
  • Acronym. You can search using familiar abbreviations of the first letters of other words.
3. Offer variety in the contents :
Do an investigation with the keywords of your interest and observe what type of content is shown in the organic results.
From there you can define what is the most suitable content to publish. Articles for your blog, videos, photographs, audios, infographics, among others.

Do not forget the importance of the Authority

There are many aspects that contribute to your achieving an online authority. It is worth noting that it takes time and effort to be relevant and influential in the eyes of Google.
In addition to publishing quality content and often, the following aspects will allow you to stay on the right track.
Aspect # 1 :
Google+  Many people have not paid enough attention to this "social network". But I recommend you do it if you are not yet a member you are still in time to sign up.
Although many do not see it that way, Google+ will continue to be an important ally for your SEO efforts.
Aspect # 2 :
Configure your Google Authorship If you do not know what this means, it's very simple. Have you seen the author's photograph next to the results of a Google search?
Very good, that's it. If you do not know how to make such a configuration, I will make a video tutorial explaining the whole procedure.
Aspect # 3 :
Friendly links with search engines. Verify that your content manager has configured the option of friendly links with the search engines, otherwise, your content can be very good, but it will hardly be found by your target audience.
Aspect # 4 :
Social bookmarks Internet is increasingly social, so give your followers the opportunity to share your content in different social media, this is a sign of authority and relevance very well seen by Google and the different search engines.
If you are using in your blog, I recommend the ReallySimple Share plugin , this will allow you to add the buttons so that your readers can share your content easily.
Aspect # 5 :
Backlinks or inbound links. This is a subject that has changed a lot with respect to how it was perceived and used before. Although there are still people who insist on outwitting Google.
The best long-term strategy for obtaining quality backlinks is to produce quality content and share it on social networks through a loyal and committed community.
hummingbird facts
hummingbird facts


The new Google algorithm «Hummingbird», has been working for about 7 weeks, although many dares to say that it can be from much earlier.
If your blog is optimized and you have not noticed any significant decrease in organic traffic during this time, chances are you're working properly, at least for now.
According to the panorama shown by Google, I believe that authorship, semantic search, and social scores will be strengthened more strongly over time.
So if you are still not part of your strategy, this is a good time to start.
The objective of Google is to offer the best answer for the queries that people make in their search engine.
If you commit yourself enough to this objective by producing quality content, you can be sure that Google will recognize your work and position you in the places of authority, therefore the results of your business will be very positive.
Did you know Google's new algorithmHas the traffic of your blog been affected or benefited with this new version of the algorithm?
I invite you to leave your comments and participate in the conversation, your contributions will be of great help to the entire community.
Similarly, if you found the content of this article useful, I invite you to share it on your social networks; Your friends can also benefit and at the same time you help us spread knowledge. Beforehand thank you very much!

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