What is Content Marketing strategy?

        What is Content Marketing strategy: Basic Guide for Business

Hello, welcome to a new Article about content marketing strategy, I am very pleased to announce that as of today. the new content season begins on the blog and on the YouTube channel.

What is Content Marketing strategy

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  • 1 What is content marketing: concepts
  • 2 Differences between content marketing and traditional advertising
    • 2.1 Content formats that work
    • 2.2 What you should keep in mind with your blog and social networks
    • 2.3 Podcast examples that are doing very well
  • 3 Businesses that can use content marketing
    • 3.1 Pastries
    • 3.2 Travel agencies
    • 3.3 Teachers or teachers

What is content marketing: concepts

It is a digital marketing area that focuses on creating quality content to capture the attention of a specific audience.


Content marketing world This is very interesting because it allows you to strategically approach your target audience.
With this strategy, you will stop persecuting clients, so that they will find you (your business) through the content you publish, whether on your website, social networks, your YouTube channel, podcast platform, etc.
Thanks to content marketing, you will no longer have to be looking for customers in the cold, by phone or via email. Both tactics are ineffective and provide little value since it is what everyone does when they do not have a well structured digital marketing plan.

Differences between content marketing and traditional advertising

A content strategy is focused 100% on the needs of the potential client, seeks to help and add value. It is also segmented.
While most advertising strategies are focused on the needs and objectives of the company, that is, sell.
It should be noted that advertising in traditional mass media, such as television, radio, and press, is not segmented, but seeks to impact mass, for this reason, measure their success and effectiveness is a complex task.

Content formats that work

It is very important to know the content formats that offer better results because you will have a general idea about the approach you should give to your strategy.
Articles on the blog and social networks
I have always said that it is very important to create your own blog. However, most people are afraid to do it because they say they do not have time or because of a lot of things that prevent them from doing it.
I see it more as a mental barrier. Nothing else. This is what really prevents them from creating a blog.
Because they say they do not know what to write about, and other excuses. Well, that's what the guide you're reading is for.
Obviously, it is far from being a definitive guide about content marketing, but I can assure you that here you will find the basic pillars for you to have clarity about the content you can publish.

What you should keep in mind with your blog and with social networks

Contract a domain name and a professional hosting.
If you are working with your brand or your business, you must make this investment, because it will help you project a professional image to your target audience.
Where to contact your Hosting and your Domain?
For several years I have my hosting with Webempresa, its quality and its customer service are excellent, free domain during the first year. Look at his plans here.
Create your website with WordPress.
The reason? In addition to being the world's leading content management platform, its learning curve is short.
If you want to create your site on your own, this step by step guide is all you need to have a professional website in no time.
Never centralize all your business in social networks, it is very risky since you have little or no control over these platforms. Your website should be your main asset.
Downloadable ebooks and guides
It is a very useful content format because it allows you to contribute a lot of value and help you convert visitors into prospects.
Once you have the data of those people interested in your guide, you can implement an email marketing strategy to build trust and make it easier to sell. But we'll talk about this in another episode.
Video tutorials
The videos are very winning, I have used the video content for a long time and they really generate a lot of visibility. What happens is that there are people who do not dare because it is a more demanding type of content.
I invite you to dare to make videos and if you do not want to "show your face" because you do not feel comfortable when appearing on camera, you can do it without appearing, you simply make video tutorials explaining how to work with a tool or making a presentation.
You will realize that little by little you are gaining more visibility and people begin to leave their first comments.
Finally, we will talk about the podcast. This is a content format that has been growing in popularity and enjoys great acceptance on the Internet because unlike the video, a podcast episode you can hear in your "dead times.
For example, when you travel on public transport while driving, when you go for a walk, in the gym, etc. and this facilitates permanent contact with your audience.
Another winning aspect of this format is that you can do it with several people, so you give variety and dynamism to your content and the talks are more entertaining for your followers.

Podcast examples that are doing very well

The Best Digital Marketing Podcast
I'm a # 1 fan of the podcast format and every time I have a "dead time" space, I take advantage of it to listen to programs that add value. Next, I share my list of favorites.
  • The SEO Machine: If you are interested in the world of SEO, this podcast is a must.
  • Hello SEO: More from the world of SEO, from the hand of Guillermo Gascón.
  • Stay with the change: A different , original and very fun digital marketing podcast.
  • Planeta M: Digital marketing gossip with very cracked guests.
  • Life to your measure: If you want a change in your life , this is the podcast for you.
  • The Writing Corner: For all those who wish to learn to a copywriter with Javi Pastor.
  • PostType Podcast: All about web design and development with DarioBF and JDevelopia.
Of course, there are more, but these are the ones I listen to most often because they are closely related to my personal and professional life.
This list can be used not only to learn from their respective themes but to analyze the style and format of each one, so you get ideas for when you decide to launch yours.

Businesses that can use content marketing

It is proven that any business can share valuable content with its target audience to increase its visibility on the Internet, as long as it adapts its strategy to the needs of its audience.
I'll leave you a list of business types (traditional) that if you raise it, can create a successful content strategy and bring a lot of value to both your current and potential customers.


They have unlimited potential to generate visibility, as well as being a business that is part of anyone's life. Almost everyone likes cakes and desserts.
The content they can share :
  • Recipes for beginners.
  • Recommendations guides.
  • Basic courses in the video.
  • Video clips on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Lists with the best utensils.

Travel agencies

The tourism industry has enormous potential, it is also valid all year round because the holiday season is different for each person or family group. There are also people who travel constantly because they like to work from anywhere.
Being a mega niche, there are many possibilities to find blue oceans, for example trips for seniors, adventure tourism for newlyweds, ecological tourism, specific destinations, with or without a beach and much more.
The content they can share :
  • Guidelines for Visa procedures and passports.
  • Lists of recommendations for inexperienced travelers.
  • Security tips for boat trips.
  • Best tourist destinations.
  • Laws that apply to tourists according to the country.
  • Low-cost tourist destinations.
In addition to this, I have a guide with 11 content ideas for travel agencies that attract clients, I invite you to look at it, you can see things that can be useful for you.

Teachers or teachers

This is one of the niches where there will always be opportunities for people to take it seriously. Who better to teach something that a good teacher? In addition, most have the advantage of knowing pedagogy and this facilitates, even more, the learning of the followers or students.
The content they can share covers different areas of learning, where the usual ones stand out, those that are "the heel of Achilles" of a good number of students worldwide: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and languages.
The content they can share :
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced courses.
  • Tips to study easily.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Books and recommended material.
  • Live classes
To verify the potential of these niches, I recommend you look at the video part where I show the volume of monthly searches that each of them has in Google.
And so far our first episode talking about content marketing, thank you very much for your comments and I like it in the video. See you next Monday where we will tackle a topic related to WordPress.

Top Question and answer about Content Marketing Strategy:

What does a content marketer do?

An operating definition of “content marketer” A content marketer is answerable for the look, creating, and sharing of valuable content to draw in and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat consumers. ... choose the channel to achieve the customer where she is (place)

What area unit examples of content marketing?

Video marketing Examples. Video marketing drives brand awareness, leads, and sales, thus it's no surprise that such a big amount of-of our content marketing examples include videos. Let's start with Blendtec, whose viral videos prove there's no such thing as a boring business – if you'll be able to tap into what hooks your audience

What area unit the best ways in which to do content marketing?

  • Here area unit nine ways in which to create your content promoting more effective:
  • Have an idea. ...
  • Know your audience. ...
  • Know once and wherever to post. ...
  • Quality over amount. ...
  • Mix up content. ...
  • Experiment. ...
  • Focus on individuals, not search engines. ...
  • Optimize your content

Why does one want content marketing?

Content promoting helps to boost conversions as a result of it permits you to attach with and educate your leads and customers. Not solely area unit you operating to create trust and relationships, however, you're additionally inspired conversions by giving shoppers the data they have to create an informed buying call.

What area unit the advantages of content marketing?

Content promoting, therefore, helps you by delivery your potential customers one step nearer to creating a buying deal. Building a relationship together {with your|along with your} target market to create them additional probably to figure with your business, rather than your competitors

How is content marketing done?

Definition. The Content promoting Institute defines content promoting as: ... It implies that content promoting may be a semipermanent strategy that focuses on building a robust relationship together with your audience by giving them high-quality content that's terribly relevant to them on a uniform basis.

How do I do content marketing in SEO?

Here area unit simply some things to stay in mind once developing your SEO content marketing:
Quality content ought to be literate. Check for synchronic linguistics and orthography problems moreover because of the flow and readability of the content.
Use relevant examples. ...
Write for your audience. ...
Make your content easy-to-read.

What is a content marketing plan?

Content promoting arrange Is over simply Content. ... Content promoting is that the strategic promoting approach of making and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to draw in and acquire a clearly outlined audience—with the target of driving profitable client action.

How important is content marketing?

Content promoting is vital, not simply because it works for building trust, generating leads, and cultivating client loyalty, however as a result of it's become the new traditional from the buyer aspect. It is, in itself, serving to evolve what customers expect from the brands they act with.

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