SEO Tips for YouTube: 5 Fips For Ranking

SEO tips for youtube Did you know that YouTube is the second search engine after Google? Although it seems incredible YouTube is above Yahoo and Bing, you can check it in the following images.

SEO Tips for YouTube
SEO Tips for YouTube

This is how traffic works in the main search engines

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Comparison of traffic: - - -
The arrows indicate the volume of visitors in the last 6 months respectively.
  • As you can see in the image, from top to bottom are: Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing
  • YouTube is confirmed in second place after Google
seo for youtube
SEO Tips for YouTube
Next, I'm going to show you the Global ranking of each one.


  • Ranked # 1 both globally and in the United States
  • Reputation: has 4,789,525 inbound links which indisputably catalogs it as an authority site
SEO Tips for YouTube
SEO Tips for YouTube

  • It appears in the Global Ranking and the United States in # 3, because the # 2 position has Facebook, but it should be noted that the latter is not a search engine, but the # 1 social network in the world.
  • Reputation: has 3,733,103 inbound links.

SEO Tips for YouTube
SEO Tips for YouTube

  • Ranked # 4 globally and in the United States.
  • Reputation: has 1,876,143 inbound links.
SEO Tips for YouTube
SEO Tips for YouTube

  • Here already some important differences are observed, in the Global Ranking, it occupies the position # 20 and for the United States the position # 11.
  • Reputation: has 160,730 inbound links, although it is a high volume, it is far from the previous ones.
SEO Tips for YouTube
SEO Tips for YouTube

SEO Keys for YouTube

Since you have understood the reason why YouTube is the search engine # 2, now I am going to give you the 5 keys that will help you optimize and position your videos in the first places not only YouTube but also Google.

1. Define your target keywords

SEO does not apply only to Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also applies to YouTube, due to what we explained above, it is considered a search engine which works in a very similar way to its «dad» Google.
So the first step is to spend a little time researching the keywords, in order to use the words or phrases with which people are looking for the information you want to share.
Many people skip this step and therefore do not get the expected results. In the next video, you can see how to properly use Google's keyword tool to do the research.

2. Place the main keyword in the title of the video

The title of your video is the most important factor for positioning it. When you have identified the most relevant keywords, you should select the best one for the title of the video.
This will increase the chances of your video appearing in the first results of search engines, in this case, the most important: Google and YouTube.
Having a relevant title is essential to achieve the best positions, so it is worth the time you dedicate to this task.
Then I will show you the difference between having an excellent title and a mediocre or little relevant in your videos.

3.Insert keywords in the description of the video

When it comes to videos, not only the title is important, the description of the video is also an excellent space to add words and key phrases.
On many occasions, I have found videos that miss this space leaving blank or filling it with a large number of keywords with the intention of being found more easily, but this is a serious mistake.
The description of the video is to emphasize the title of the video, add secondary keywords strategically and place links to your website or blog in order to gain reputation and obtain a better positioning.
In the following video, you can see how to properly use the description of your video to optimize it and achieve better positioning.

4. Add relevant tags or tags to your videos

Here you can insert again the main keyword and other similar ones that you have found in the research process, I suggest you do not exceed the number of keywords you use in this space, a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 is perfect.
Many people believe that a greater number of keywords will be better positioned, serious error.
The only sure thing you can achieve by exaggerating with your keywords is to fall to the latest search results, because Google may consider your video as Spam.
In the previous video is explained what you must do so that you learn to properly select the labels.

5. When you do your videos, think social

We have already said that YouTube is the search engine # 2, but beyond that is a means of social communication.
For this reason, you must work to create quality videos, with this I do not mean that they have to be Hollywood style, but the content of them.
To the extent that people like the videos you post, they will help you position it better. How? Making comments, clicking on "Like" sharing your video on different social networks, subscribing to your channel, etc.
The more "conversation" your videos generate, the greater your visualization and better positioning not only on YouTube but also on Google and the other search engines.
In short, SEO for YouTube is very similar to the one that is implemented for a blog, but positioning a video requires fewer details and results can be observed in less time.
Are you taking advantage of the benefits of video marketing to publicize the products and/or services of your business or company on the Internet? You can leave your comments at the bottom, your opinion is very important to us. SEO tips for youtube the end

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