Phases for the development of a Web project

Everything is focused on defining objectives. Build the ideas and preferences of the company to establish achievable goals on the website.

In the development of a website, there are 6 key stages, beginning with the research of the project in which the business model is established through the Web page.
These stages are not always sequential.
During each of the stages of the life cycle, companies must be aware of the need to consolidate content.
Consolidation can improve the user experience by simplifying resource recovery while reducing development and maintenance costs.
Everything is focused on defining the objectives.
Build the ideas and preferences of the company to establish achievable goals on the website.
The act of creation and commissioning for a website is not linear.
As in the execution of any project, many stages are developed in parallel and some instances involve going back.
Unlike a document registered in another support, a website is not concluded, registered and distributed, on the contrary; remains in a logical place, presenting information, growth, updating or outdated.
A website is a living being, it never ends and this characteristic affects the process of its creation.


The research should consider the Internet portfolio around the proposed website. Consolidation opportunities are considered based on their context.
A review of similar sites, as well as existing marketing material,  can help identify a style for the design.


When planning a website, you should consider:

Site architecture and content

Based on the content preferences, a map of the site architecture is created to visually demonstrate how the content and structure of the site are organized.

Design, build and test

Web design proposal and define " what transmits you through what you see ."
Once the final design of the site and the content have been established, photographs and all the graphic design are incorporated to complement the website.
In this stage, the structure of the site is developed and is being tested by users and interest groups by the company.
The website has been launched and is working live.

Operate, maintain and evaluate

At this stage, the website is controlled and in constant maintenance for possible improvements. Efforts are being made to obtain performance reports to ensure that the website is a success.
One of the elements of the maintenance plan should be the periodic evaluation of the site, this evaluation could lead to a decision of improvement or total reconstruction of the same.
A correct evaluation can lead to the consolidation of the contents and thus the site, on the other hand, it can also determine the operation unprofitable.
Stages construction website

After the launch

It is recommended an aggressive marketing campaign through search engines to obtain a quick classification, in addition to periodic maintenance programs on the site.

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