Key steps in the world building website

World building website The company must be aware that the development and management of the Site requires a shared commitment with the project development staff.


Web pages are the means by which many companies are present on the Net. However, the proliferation of these websites has meant that many organizations develop B2N or Business-to-Nobody (Business for anyone).
How to get a company to be present on the Internet in an efficient way and that its actions reach the largest number of target audiences?

For some time now, the Internet has gained special prominence and, both in the media and in events of various kinds (fairs, congresses, seminars, conferences, etc.), businessmen listen, with a mixture of surprise and expectation, how various groups encourage them to start exploiting electronic media and, in short, the opportunities that the Internet provides .
In this regard, it should be noted that, although its use has been a fundamental impetus in the generation of the use of the Internet, the Internet is not integrated solely by the WWW ( World Wide Web ).
Other services, such as email, discussion lists, news services, remote access, file transfer, interactive conversations in text mode or voice and video on the Internet, can also be used by companies to optimize your business processes.
"The network has its own characteristics, so you must have high knowledge about the Internet to fully exploit its particularities"
However, as more and more companies decide to be present, there is an increase in organizations that carry out a type of electronic commerce that is still not talked about too much: the B2N ( Business-to-Nobody ) or another way, presence of the company on the Internet without their actions reach anyone.
The company has to be aware that the development, launch, and maintenance of the website requires a commitment on the part of the organization and the selection of the appropriate professionals for the tasks that this entails.
Until not long ago, the development of a Web page seemed linked to the computer, which, through a simple language and, where appropriate, some complex program, developed a website with some explanatory text.
However, derived from both technological advances and greater knowledge of the environment by users and a large number of Web pages that compete with each other to capture the interest of these, other aspects are also currently important.
For this reason, the team of people in charge of the Web project must be composed of specialists from different disciplines :
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Art directors
  • Staff in programming
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia.
However, on the Internet, it is not enough to transfer to the virtual world the ways of making the physical environment.
The Network has its own characteristics, different from those of other means of communication and commercialization and, therefore, the members of the aforementioned multidisciplinary team must have high knowledge of the Internet in order to be able to fully exploit its particularities.
However, the needs of a large number of companies do not justify the maintenance, as part of the organization, of this team dedicated to the tasks derived from the Web page.
For them, the appropriate alternative would be to hire the services of an Internet-oriented technology consultancy and marketing consultancy and online advertising, with sufficient capacity to adapt to the needs of the company and present the most appropriate solution.
However, even in this case, the company must work closely with specialists to ensure that the website, which in the future will expand its horizons, perfectly fits the objectives pursued.
For this reason, it is convenient that someone from the company knows the main aspects of the different steps that must be overcome in the development, launch, maintenance, and promotion of the Web page.

Goal setting

Companies that consider having an Internet presence must first establish the objectives they expect to achieve with it and what their capacity is to assume the commitments that the Web adventure will imply.
For this reason, any project that arises on the Internet must respond to specific objectives determined in advance depending on the budget, the needs and characteristics of the company.
Objectives that companies must pursue with their presence on the Net.
  • Reduce the costs of promotion and communication
  • Advertising purposes
  • Capture new consumers
  • Serve as support for the sales channel
  • Acquire experiences in electronic commerce
  • Customer Support
  • Offer updated information
  • Get image
  • Strategic positioning
  • Generation of databases
  • The attempt of powers the international presence
  • Reduce costs in business processes
  • Marketing one-to-one

Identification of the target audience

In the development of the activity of the company, in addition to current and potential customers, there is various public that, with their actions, can affect the better or worse compliance with the objectives.
For this reason, the company must establish which group is the recipient of the information that will be transmitted through the website.
The possible public of the organization can be divided into:
  • Interns: members of the organization
  • External: distributors, suppliers of products or raw materials, suppliers of services and financial providers, current customers, potential customers, competitors, administration, political-social group, business and professional associations, media and society in general.
In addition to establishing the public that the company wants to reach, we must analyze its characteristics and needs, as well as the habits, resources, and experience it has regarding the Internet.
As can be seen, the choice of the target audience will have a direct impact on the content, designand promotion of the website.

Choice of a domain

Machines connected to the Internet have a unique and unrepeatable numeric address (numbers from 0 to 255 separated by points), called " IP address ", which is used to communicate with each other.
However, the numerical addresses are difficult to remember, in such a way that another way of communicating through the machines was devised, which would be easier for humans: putting pseudonyms or " domain name ".
So, someone who wants to access a company's page does not need to remember the numerical combination but can memorize more easily the following:
Until not too long ago, the domain was nothing more than a tool that allowed Internet users to access Web pages.
Although it continues to fulfill this task, the proliferation of Web pages and the commercial objectives pursued by many of them have caused the name of the domain to be an element whose choice is important.
Both individuals and organizations have the possibility of having a Web page on the Internet without having to acquire their own domain. There are suppliers that allow hosting the page for free.
However, this circumstance has a negative impact for commercial companies since, normally, the direction that will have to be introduced to reach the pages that accept this alternative will have an aspect and dimension similar to the following:
In this case, the domain name is that of the provider and the rest of the address (separated by bars /) are the directories of your hard drive where the considered page is hosted.
As you can see, the company that has an address of this type is making it difficult for people who are interested in its contents to memorize it and, in consequence, manual access to its page.
For this reason, for a corporate website, the logical thing is to try to get a domain name of its own and normally, that matches the name of the company.
In this way, the address is much more accessible. However, this is not always possible, since it may happen that some other person or organization already has the domain desired by the company.
In fact, there are numerous cases of companies that are immersed in the legal process to be able to have domains that according to their criteria should be assigned to them but belong to other companies or individuals.
"It is important that a corporate website get its own domain name, which matches the name of the company"
Domain names must be purchased from an authorized entity for issuance.
The supranational organization ICANN ( Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers ) is responsible for the technical management of the Domain Name System ( DNS ) and, in addition, determines which companies can be registrars of first level domains.
This organization does not deliver the domains but has delegations all over the world. Actually, the Domain Name System distributes the management among different sub-administrators.
It is at the highest level of the Internet hierarchy where the first level domains are located, under which second-level domain names can be registered.
Within this category, and although they are not the only ones, the following can be mentioned because of the importance they have from the business point of view:
  • Some generic domains such as " .com " (organizations of a commercial nature), " .org " (non-profit organizations) and " .net " (organizations dedicated to Network activities). They can be hired through any company authorized by ICANN.
  • Geographic domains (two-letter domains corresponding to the ISO-3166 code of each territory as " .it " (for Italy), " .ar " (for Argentina), " .cn " (for China), " .mx " (for Mexico), etc.
  • In addition to these, on November 16, 2000, another seven new domains were approved by ICANN (out of 44 nominations submitted). These domains are specified in the following: " .biz ", " .info ", " .aero ", " .coop ", " .museum ", " .name " and " .pro ".

Elaboration of the Website

"The best thing would be for the company to be imaginative and to be able to offer something that gives it a difference valued by its public with respect to the rest of existing offers on the Internet"
Once the moment to design the Web page has arrived, it will be necessary to take into account a series of considerations :
  • It has to be useful for the recipient, which is why the correct choice of the contents that are going to be included in the website is particularly important. Internet users have complete freedom to choose the pages they wish to access. For this reason, even assuming that the company was able to generate a first view of your website using the most appropriate tools for it, if its content is not attractive to the user, this visit will be short and, possibly, will not repeat it again. Therefore, before designing the page, the company should make a deep reflection on what may be those aspects that interest your target audience and that would motivate you to access the website, in order to include them in it. Among these aspects, we can mention the news of interest, resources of the sector, product catalogs, search engines, contests, discussion forums, newsletters, statistics, etc. However, the best thing would be for the company to be imaginative and be able to offer something that gives it a difference valued by its audience with respect to the rest of the existing offers on the Internet.
  • Elements that make the visit attractive and coherent with the corporate image must be incorporated into the page. However, this attractiveness is subject to the technological limitations that the Network currently has. For this reason:
    • The size of the Web page must be optimized. The designer of the page has to take into account that certain elements can cause the time necessary for it to become excessive. In this case, it is possible that the Internet user decides not to wait and does not visualize the Web site.
    • You should check how the different elements included in the page work with the browsers most used by Internet users, since they use slightly different technology and, as a result, the visual appearance of the pages can vary from one to another.
  • In addition to attractive, the visit has to be comfortable, so it is important to trace navigation routes. The page must be structured in such a way that at no time hinders the access of the Internet user to its different parts.
  • The periodic updating of the contents is especially important if you want to get new visits from the recipients in the future. It is a mistake to think that the efforts that should be devoted to a Web project ends when the page is already published. Its revision and updating must be constant, with the aim of generating repetition in the visits.
  • Interactivity must be enhanced, which can also provide the company with greater knowledge of the motivations of its audience, the contents that interest it, etc.
"It is a mistake to think that the efforts that should be dedicated to a Web project end when the page is published"

Website hosting

Once the Web page is created, it will be necessary to hire a hosting or accommodation.
This is the place where the website will be placed for publication on the Internet so that users can access it through the Internet.
Once it reaches this point, the company has different alternatives :
  • Virtual hosting: it is rented or given by any service provider and even some websites. The advantage that presents is the cost (since the service is shared with other companies), but the control that is had on him is null.
  • Having a server of your own: control over the server is total, but it is very expensive and, normally, only large companies can make this investment.
  • Dedicated server: it is a rented server, but dedicated to the exclusive use of the company. The important thing in this alternative is to choose the right provider.
However, the efforts that should be devoted to a Web project do not end once the page is published to be consulted by any Internet user interested in it.
First, if you want to generate traffic to the website, the company must initiate a work of website promotion may encompass actions both outside the network ( off-line ) and within it online ).
world building website Secondly, if it is intended that recipients repeat visits to the page in the future, the company will have to make an effort to stay informed about what are the contents that interest them, with the intention of incorporating and enhancing them in the continuous Updates and revisions that people who frequent this medium demand. In this way, the company will avoid having to pronounce in secret:
"We have a Web page, but almost nobody has access to it."

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