How do Free Download from Youtube to Video?

Free Download from Youtube to Video
 - Today, people watch a wide variety of videos online through YouTube on the Internet. Hey, there are thousands of videos on YouTube today that we can watch online, on our mobile or computer. Many of these videos are song videos, some movies, tutorial videos, personal videos and many more. Simply put, you can watch all kinds of videos on YouTube.

How To Download YouTube Video
How to download youtube videos?

But, as we all know, no video can be officially downloaded from YouTube. That means YouTube is a website where we can watch videos but cannot download them on our mobile or computer.
This is because YouTube has not been given an option by which we can download our favorite videos. And it doesn't seem like YouTube will ever give us a video downloading option or solution.
However, you are wondering why. Hey, it's not that YouTube officially offers a video downloading option. However, there are many ways or solutions on the Internet that you can easily download videos from YouTube to your mobile or computer. And today, in this article I will tell you 3 straightforward ways to download your YouTube video.

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Here are 7 ways to download videos from YouTube

Below are the ways to download the video that I would suggest you can apply with your computer or laptop. Hey, if you want to download it from youtube using these methods on mobile then you can apply this method to your mobile using opera mini browser.
So let's go, below we don't know how to download a youtube video

1. Download YouTube video with Clipconverter

Clip converter is a website by which we can convert any video on YouTube and how to download off youtube it on our mobile or computer. Here you can download and convert videos in 3gp, MP4, HD, FULL HD, AVI and many other formats.
As I said before, you can use this process on your mobile phone. But, you'll need to use Opera mini, Google Chrome or Firefox mobile browser. So let's now know the first way to download a video.

Copy YouTube video URL

First of all, you need to open your computer or mobile browser and go to the YouTube website. ream (play).
Now when your live video starts to play for download, you will see the URL address of the video in the address bar of your computer or mobile browser. Check out the picture below to know better.
downloading a youtube video
Hopefully, after looking at the picture above, you understand what I'm talking about at a URL address.
Now copy the URL address of the video from the browser's address bar.
If you are using a computer or laptop, you can copy the link by selecting the URL link of the video, then right-clicking on the mouse and going to the copy option.
If you are using mobile, you can select the video link and copy it by long press on the Copy option.

2. Go to Clipconverter website

Now, after copying the URL link of the video you want to download, go straight to Clipconverter's website.
downloading a youtube video
Now, as you see the picture above you will see a box when you visit Clipconverter's website. The box will tell " Video link to download ".
In the box above, enter or paste the URL link address of the video you have already copied.
Now, after pasting the URL of your video in the link box, click on the "Continue" button or option next to the box.

3. Convert your video

Now after pasting the video URL and clicking continue you will see some options below. All options are associated with your video.
Convert video
Of the video-related options, first, you have to live up to the quality of the video. If you would like to download the video in high quality (HD), select or select YouTube video high definition (720p) " from Detected Media.
Now below, go to the conversion format option and choose your video format. That means if you want to download the video to mp4, 3Gp, AVI or MKV, then FORMAT is not selected or selected.
Now, after doing everything, did not click on the "Start" option below.

4. Download your own video

After clicking on the Start option, the next page will be converted to your video format and ready for download.
Download the YouTube video
Now you can download the video converted by clip converter to the next page. Click on the Download " link or button to download the video.
This is a very straightforward way to Youtube download video from youtube
This way you can download videos using both mobile and computer.

5. Download the video by typing SS into the video URL

The way I told you above is to download a YouTube video, the easiest way is to download any video by typing SS in the video URL.
Hey, this way you can Free Download from youtube to Video using your mobile, computer or laptop. So let's not know what the straight path is now.

Enter SS in the video URL address

The first thing you need to do is go to the YouTube website  ( from your mobile or computer. After you visit YouTube you will see many videos. And click for download.
Now, your video will be open and play online. Now, in your web browser's address bar, you can see the URL's address for that video.
Now, the URL of the video straight to the address is www. Then type SS and then press the enter button on the computer. For example, if the URL address for my video is "***********" then you should visit www. After that, write ss. The video URL address will be "WWW.SSYOUTUBE.COM/watch******".
downloading a youtube video
See the image above for a better understanding. By looking at the picture you will understand where to write SS. Now, after typing ss in the URL of the video, hit enter or if you are using mobile or press "GO" or "OK" on mobile.

Didn't download your own video

Now, you will see a new page or a different website after hitting enter or ok by typing ss in the YouTube video URL address. The website will be named
Download from Youtube
The URL of the video you just typed in the SS address in the middle of the website means that you will watch the video you want to download from YouTube, and below the video, you will see a link or button called "Download" too hot to download a youtube video
Just click on the download button, and your video will start downloading.
www ss youtube
Remember, the Download button has the option of video quality seller. Therefore, video quality must be sold before downloading it. For example, 3Gp (low quality) or Mp4 720 (HD high quality).
So, hopefully, you understand this easy way to download YouTube videos.

6. Download with Y2MATE website

If you want to know more about how to download a video from youtube beyond the above methods, we would love to see this last one.
In this way, we will use a website where we can download the video on our mobile or computer with the URL link address of any YouTube video. And the name of this website is
Let us now know how to download from YouTube using the y2mate website.
Step 7.
The first thing you do when you open the YouTube website on your mobile or computer is to search for the video you want to download and click or play the video.
Now, once the video is played on YouTube, you will see the URL address of that video in the address bar of your web browser.
how to download a video from youtube
Now, the URL of the YouTube video contained in the web browser's address is not copied by copying the URL.
Step 8.
Now you go straight to the Y2mate website. After visiting the website you will see a box with the words " search or paste link here ".
Now, paste the link in the box you have already copied to YouTube and click on the "Start" link or button next to it.
how to download a video from youtube
As you can see in the image above, the URL of the video in the box is PASTE and clicking on start will show your unconscious YouTube video below.
And, to the right of the video, you will see a Download link to download the video. Now, you can simply click on the Download link or button with 720p HD at the top.
In it, you will begin to download the HD high-quality version of the YouTube video on your mobile or computer.
How to download a YouTube video

So, I hope you understand the 3 ways to download it from YouTube, and you certainly like it. Remember, you can download YouTube videos on both computer and mobile with the above tips.

Download Video with TubeMate on Android Mobile

If you would like to download YouTube video directly to your Android mobile with just one click, download and install the TubeMate Android app on your mobile.
Now, after installing TubeMate, you can watch YouTube videos on tubemate when you open them on mobile. In fact, you will find all YouTube videos on tube mat.
Now click on the video you want to download and after clicking on the video below you will see a download option for downloading it.
You can directly download Youtube videos to your android mobile by clicking on the video download option.

If you want to download YouTube videos from your mobile then tubemate is a very straightforward and effective way. Bus, you can download any video by clicking the download link.


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